Become better at being in relationships - of all kinds - by opening to real connection and direct communication!

About the instructor

Your Guide to Better Relationships

Denise Miller

Denise Miller is a relational communication consultant and mindset expert with a unique ability to entertain, engage and educate while presenting exciting new information on the connections of the body, mind, heart and soul.She combines her love of story, her fascination with people and the traditional Medicine Wheel to offer an eye-opening new look at face reading, body language, communication dynamics and the intricacies of the mind.Denise is certified as a practitioner and teacher of Mind Clearing, Body-Mind Communication, Psychosomatic Therapy, Transformational Processing, Spiritual Acceleration, Team Building, Workplace Program Delivery - among others. Check out for more information.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Relationship Diagnostic

    • Holistic Relationship Diagnosis

    • Traditional Medicine Wheel teachings

  • 2

    Awareness Building - Learning to diagnose blocks to being more authentic, more empowered - more your NEW - Natural Essential Wild self!'

    • Awareness Intro

    • LifeScan; Re-membering Your Life!

    • LifeScan; Re-membering Your Life - printable pdf

    • Awareness - What's important to you about relationships (professional and/or personal) and improving them?​

    • Awareness - Common Relationship Issues to Work on with a Partner (some relate to a business partner)

    • Awareness - Common Relationship Issues to Work on as an Individual

    • Diagnose - You and Common Relationship Issues

    • Your Beliefs Around Yourself and Relationship

    • Awareness of Triggered Reactions

    • Trigger Traps - List Yours

    • Face Reading for Communication

    • Body-Mind Communication

    • Facial Reading or Profiling

    • Face Structure and Shape Interpretation

    • Interpretation of Individual Features

    • Body Mind Communication printable forms

    • Personal Facial Structure and Shape

    • Hints to Gifts and Challenges

  • 3

    Acceptance Building

    • Acceptance Intro

    • We are Meaning Making Machines

    • What Meanings Did You Make?

    • The Black and White Doll

    • What Have You Decided About Yourself?

    • A Walk to Remember (what drives you)

    • And the Truth Shall Set You Free! - Insights from the Walk to Remember

    • Finding a Way Through the Unconscious to Acceptance

    • A Work In Progress

  • 4

    Authenticity Building

    • Authenticity Intro

    • All Relationship Problems Come From Communication Issues

    • What is Communication? - And what isn't...

    • Communication with Affinity and Reality - CAR

    • CAR - The Relationship Triangle

    • Respectful Communication

    • Self Coach for Self Care Tip

    • Responsible Communicating

    • Self Coach for Self Care Tip

    • Poor Listening Habits

    • Thinking Errors That Lead to Relationship Issues

    • Stop 'acting like' and start BEING yourself!

    • NEW (Natural Essential Wild) You!

    • The Way Back

  • 5

    Authority Building

    • Authority Intro

    • The Mind Will Take Control Until You Do

    • Self Coach for Self Care Tip

    • Boundaries - What are they anyway?

    • Boundary Violations Survey - From Your Past

    • Boundary Violations Survey - In Current Relationships

    • Self Coach for Self Care Tip

    • Letting Go

    • Dr. Emoto - Bad Mouthing Rice

    • Considering Dr Emoto's work

    • Taking Responsibility for Creating Inner Peace

    • Heartmath - your emotions and health

    • Considering HeartMath Institute work

    • Take a Chance on the Unknown and Live an Exceptional Life

    • Empower Others

  • 6

    Awakening to NEW You!

    • Awakening Intro

    • Your Super Power - VulnerAbility!

    • The Hero Journey to the NEW You!

    • Natural Essential Wild - NEW You

    • Your NEW Path

    • Relationship Diagnostic Prescription - Awareness, Acceptance, Authenticity, Authority & Awakening - Repeat as Needed!